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No Contracts

Our alarm monitoring is month-to-month from day one. You can change your plan, add features, or cancel anytime, without penalty.

No Salesmen

You shouldn’t need to convince a company to give you a good deal. Our service is purchased online, and the low prices are flat rate.

No Gimmicks

All products are available a la carte. Need a new system? No problem. Have existing equipment? We’ll help you get it connected!

No Hurdles

Have complicated questions? Tired of waiting longer for expert support? Try our tech support forum. We only have experts.

How you monitor your security system is up to you.

  • Choose Self Monitoring and Save.
  • SMS, Email, and Push Notifications
  • Remote Access from anywhere
  • Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone Control
  • Add Our Professional Monitoring.
  • CSAA Five Diamond Certified
  • 24/7 Professional Operators
  • Possible Discounts on Home Insurance

What Other Systems Can Be Used?

Interlogix Concord 4

Simon XT

Simon XTi

DSC Impassa


DSC Touch

Interlogix NX

Simon XTi-5

Go beyond security.
suretyDIY’s Gold Interactive Automation options can turn your home into a Smarthome!