Posted on Release Notes 10/24/2016

Multi-Color Z-Wave LED Light Bulb Support
We added the Zipato RGBW and Aeotec LED Z-Wave light bulbs to the list of supported devices. Users can now control these light bulbs in real-time using the Mobile App by choosing a specific color or selecting warm or cool light based on the time of day. Users can also automate these bulbs to communicate events, such as turning green when Dad’s phone crosses the home’s Geo-fence. After the bulb is learned in to the your Z-Wave network, you can find color control in the Mobile App by tapping on the circle next to the light bulb icon. You can set up schedules or event-triggered rules by navigating to the Website > emPower > Rules > Select Add a Rule or Add a Schedule > Automate My: Multi-Color Lights
Trigger Light Rules Only After Sunset
Users can now create event-triggered rules to turn lights on only between sunset and sunrise, making it easier than ever for you to enter a well-lit home without wasting energy. Light rules can be triggered by motion sensors, door sensors, panel arming activity, alarms, Geo-fences and garage door activity. The rules can be created on the Website and require up to 24 hours to take effect. Website > emPower > Rules > Add a Rule > Automate My: Lights > When this event occurs: Select An Event > During these time frames: Only after Sunset
  • We resolved an issue that occasionally caused video clip thumbnail images to not appear correctly. Website > Video > Saved Clips
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