Posted on Release Notes 7/3/2017

ADC-V522IR and ADC-V722W Firmware Upgrade
A firmware upgrade is now available for the ADC-V522IR and ADC-V722W. The upgrade includes a number of fixes and enhancements, such as preparing the camera for upcoming features and improved stability of camera communications. Cameras will be automatically updated to the new firmware (version 100b9) during installation. If you would like to upgrade a camera that has already been installed, you can update firmware from the user website. Over time we will update all currently installed cameras through an automated overnight firmware installation process.
User Website > Video > Video Device Settings > Select Device > Video Device Info > Upgrade Firmware
New Rule Turns Lights Off When No Motion Detected
Users can save time and energy by creating a new rule to turn off Z-Wave lights after a motion sensor detects a period of inactivity. This rule is useful when a user manually turns on a Z-Wave light and wants to ensure that the light is turned off after they leave the room. This rule is available on accounts with a Z-Wave light or appliance module, motion detector (including the Image Sensor), and panel firmware version GC2 1.9.6+, GC3 3.0.1+, IQ1 1.6.1+, IQ2 (all versions), and 177c+ for all other compatible panels. User Website > emPower > Rules > Create a new Event-Triggered Rule.
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