Posted on Release Notes 8/21/2017

Two-Way Audio Feature Available for Compatible ADC-V521IR and ADC-V522IR Cameras
Two of our popular video cameras, the ADC-V521IR and ADC-V522IR, now support push-to-talk Two-Way Audio between the camera and the Mobile App. Similar to our Doorbell Cameras, users will be able to hear sound from the camera on their mobile device and talk remotely with their children, pets, and family members who are at home. Users can listen in on live video feeds or view recorded clips with sound.. Firmware version and hardware version compatibility requirements apply. Contact us today and we can help determine if your camera is compatible. Slim Line Doorbell Camera Firmware Upgrade
A firmware upgrade (version 3038) is now available for the Slim Line Doorbell Camera. This upgrade includes a new option in the “Sensitivity to Motion” setting on the website. Users can now select the “Very High” option so that the doorbell camera is more sensitive to detecting motion. Over time we will update all currently installed cameras through an automated overnight firmware installation process.
Current Humidity Display for Smart Thermostats and Compatible Panels
Now Smart Thermostat users can see their humidity level in the Mobile App. To view humidity, the account must have a compatible Smart Thermostat and an eligible panel (SEM PowerSeries 2.14 (185a) and up, IQ Panel 1.5.3 and up, IQ Panel 2 2.0.0 and up, 2GIG GC2 1.13 and up, 2GIG GC3 3.0.1 and up, and 2GIG Vario 187c).
Humidity Control for Compatible Smart Thermostats
Now Smart Thermostats with firmware version 1.5 and up can be used to control a user’s humidity levels. Connect a humidifier or dehumidifier to the Smart Thermostat to provide increased comfort, automated control, and property protection against mold and mildew. Users without a dehumidifier can still take advantage of this feature by using their air conditioner to keep humidity levels in check.
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