2GIG Go!Control Touch Screen Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-CP21-345E)

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  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Fully Self Contained
  • Snap-in GSM Radio
  • Remotely Control Panel Settings
  • Two-way Voice Over cellular
  • Over-the-air Update Functionality
  • Built-in Z-Wave Home Control
  • Customer Messaging Capable
  • 48 Wireless Zones
  • 2 Hardwire Zones
  • Weather Information Display
  • 24-hour Backup Battery
  • 32 Usercodes
  • Quick Arm/Exit

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Quick Programming Guide
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The 2GIG main security and home automation control panel. You need a control panel, such as this, to use our Alarm.com Basic and Gold Interactive services. Choose to purchase it with a built-in cellular communicator to communicate with Alarm.com and our central station, you do not need to purchase the cellular communicator separately. Works with all your Z-Wave home automation devices.

Factory firmware is updated by suretyDIY to the latest available version at the time of order processing. Firmware Updates here.

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1 review for 2GIG Go!Control Touch Screen Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-CP21-345E)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love 2GIG and my Alarm.com powered suretyDIY system! Ordered mostly all at once and so my equipment came pre-programmed, which was fantastic. But I have added a few things since the initial order and was surprised at how easy it was. Love the touch screen and the look of this piece as opposed to the AT&T system I had in my last house.

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